Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bismillah and Excess of Livelihood

If you want to increase your livelihood, you want to become rich, recite this Bismillah 300 times standing in front of rising sun, you will get remarkable livelihood. Allah will give you daily bread from that way which you cannot imagine. Inshallah

For Urdu Readers

Agar ap chahtay hain k ap ka Rizq farakh ho jaye. Ap ameer ho jayen. Ap ke rozi main bahot ziada izafa ho jaye to is Bismillah ko jab sooraj nikl raha ho to us k samnay kharay ho k 300 mrtba parhain. Inshallah ap k rizq main bahot izafa ho jaye ga inshallah. Allah ap ko wahan say rozi farahm karay ga jis ka ap ko gumaan tak nhn ho ga.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bismillah and Subdue the Cruel Person

If you have to face a cruel person, recite this Bismillah (complete) 50 times before him/her. He/she will be subdued. That person will not harm you in any way. Inshallah

For Urdu Readers

Agar ap ka samna aisay insan say ho jo bara zalim ho, ap ko us ka samnay say dr lgta ho to us zalim shakhs k samnay pori Bismillah 50 martba parhain. Wo zalim insan maghloob ho jaye ga. Ap ke respect kray ga aur ap ko kisi b qism ka nuqsan nahin ponchaye ga. Inshallah

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bismillah and Your Command upon People

If you want to become dignified among people, write this Bismillah (Complete) 100 times on a piece of paper and keep that sacred paper with you. You will gain great respect among people. Every person will respect you. Others will follow whatever you command them. (Inshallah)

For Urdu Readers

Agar ap chahtay hain k logon main ap ke izzat ziada ho. Ap ke haybat barhay. Hr koe ap ke respect karay to a iss pori Bismillah ko 100 martba aik white paper pr likhain aur phir wo paper apnay pass rakha krain. Jo koe ap ko dekhay ga ap ke izzat kray ga Inshallah.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bismillah and Achievement of your Goal

If you have any special purpose, recite this BISMILLAH 786 times for seven days. Your goal will be achieved inshallah.

For Urdu Readers

Agar ap ka koe special maqsad hay aur wo pora nhn ho raha to a aap Bismillah ko 786 martba 7 din tak parhtay rahain, Inshallah ap ka maqsad pora ho jaye ga.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

With the name of Allah, the most beneficent the most merciful

(There is) none worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Aalehi Wasallam is Messenger of Allah.

Islam (The great, Universal and True Religion) is the complete code of life having solution of our any problem (physical, spiritual, political, economical, social, financial etc). The life of our Beloved and the Last Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (Sallal La Ho Alayhe Wasallam), is an excellent way for us to follow. The Holy Quran is the miracle for every age. We know that this is an age of science and science is the study of universe. Allah Almighty is the creator of this universe. And The Holy Quran is the study of Allah SubhanaHoWata’la. Let us start to get help and the solution of problems from Allah with the help of SUNNAH and The Holy Quran.